Inova Loudoun Hospital Opens New Driver Rehabilitation Clinic

Inova Loudoun Hospital recently opened a Driver Rehabilitation Clinic. This new service is designed to support functional independence among new drivers with special needs and those patients who suffer from a physical or cognitive impairment.

The Clinic is equipped to provide a comprehensive evaluation through clinical testing, three-screen simulator use, and on the road assessment with a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. A variety of equipment including hand controls, left foot accelerators, spinner knobs and grips, accessory control transitions, high tech vans with voice activated controls, joysticks, and more are available for patients to tryout. Staff can make recommendations for a variety of adapted controls as well as train people on how to use them safely. The three-screen simulator provides objective data on reaction time and a no risk opportunity to evaluate the driver’s judgment.

Regardless of experience level or injury, the team of physicians, occupational therapists and Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists help patients safely and confidently operate a motor vehicle through the use of adaptive equipment, education, and training.  To learn more or to schedule an appointment call the Driver Rehabilitation Clinic at 703-858-6390.