First Annual Suburban Hospital Medical Staff Art Exhibit

“The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head.” Sir William Osler (1849 – 1919), considered by many to be the father of modern medicine.

Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD., will provide concrete evidence of Osler’s observation about the relationship between art and medicine as they showcase their artistic offerings at their first annual medical staff art exhibit. Paintings, sculptures, models, photos, glass work, poems, writings and other forms or artistic expression will be displayed at the hospital on February 2, from 5 to 7 a special exhibition in the Physician’s Lounge.


Lou Kozloff, MD – Photography

Julie Trivedi, MD – Acrylics

“We know our medical staff are enormously talented and creative professionals, not only in the superior and compassionate care they provide their patients, but also in other creative outlets they pursue,” says Jacky Schultz, president of Suburban Hospital. “Innovation and creativity, the very essence of art, is also a keystone of the practice of medicine.”

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